Agricultural Consulting

Mark Haberling of Precision Genetics Inc. possesses over 40 years of continuing experience in ag production and ag-business management. This experience procures a very high level of consulting results. Solid work ethics and an independent perspective with genuine and strong passion for efficient crop production directs sound recommendations.

Independent Crop Consultants
An independent consultant provides unbiased recommendations based on each farmer's individual needs, drawing from a base of all available products and management techniques. Crop consultants make recommendations which are in the highest economical interests of their clients. PGI takes consulting to the highest level, where recommendations are made for crops in the different zones (soil types) within each field, utilizing variable rate technology to address each acre.

Use of Science & Technologies
Precision Genetics’ recommendations hinge on the proven, time tested applications of the different management practices, chemistries, hardware/software, and timing to maximize profitability on every acre. PGI is preparing for the upcoming adoption of the FAA’s approval of UAV’s (drones) use for crop monitoring and is positioning resources to utilize this highly useful technology. more...