Precision Agriculture

Precision Variable rate farming is one of the most significant recent advancements in farming technology that helps improve economic returns for producers. Precision Genetics Inc. (PGI) uses a Zone Based method in most fields to pursue profitability to every acre. Grid systems may be needed in routinely heavy manured or other extremely high maintenance acres. PGI is a leading volume dealer for Rx-VRT Providers. With over 30 years of combined experience in variable rate technologies, PGI and Rx-VRT Providers unite to create superior custom-built VRT systems. Our Independent Business structure allows producers to deal with any or all area service & product providers. (Many in-house precision ag company programs limit the customer to their product & services offerings.) Most companies will not share your raw data with you or other service providers. What does this mean; they won’t right prescription(s) for another service provider that may offer better pricing and/or a different Rx service.

Rx-Vrt Providers
Rx-VRT Providers was started by Kim Retzlaff in 1995 to deliver customized high quality variable rate systems using sound agronomic principles and experience. When you choose to do business with PGI and RxVRT Providers you own the data that is created for you. In this age of controlling, obtaining, and managing data sets... we choose to uphold the “old school approach” on this very valuable asset, which we strongly believe belongs to our customer. Ag Data Viewer™ (ADV) software is a large part of the technology tool box we use to deliver our guaranteed mapping systems. ADV is the industry leader in TRUE variable rate technologies for nearly 20 years..

Indepenent Providers
Precision Genetics Inc. does NOT sell or profit from the sale of fertilizer or any soil amending products... It can be very easy for anyone with some agronomic knowledge to pull soil samples from areas within the fields with the most nutrient removal... for possible increased fertilizer sales and un-needed inputs/costs. Many companies have bonus programs based on sales volumes. We truly believe that a pure independent perspective can be vital to the efficient use of inputs on every acre.